The crux of this post is, ‘do men look better with or without facial hair’? Okay, maybe not quite that simple – some men it suits some it doesn’t etc. Anyway, Gillette have decided that this is something us blokes want to know and to be honest so do we, and most likely so do you! I mean, the more answers we can find regarding what the fairer sex prefer, the better… right? Read on.


The experiment is centred around identical twins Dean and George Georgiades (pictured). Gillette have set them tasks ranging from eating competitions to basically asking people face to face if they prefer beard or beard-less. Yes, this experiment could only work with identical twins!


The answer will be steadily revealed over time by watching both of their Twitter followers rise (or not) depending on which look you, the British public prefer.


So, which look do you prefer? If it’s Georgio (bearded) then follow him here:

or if you prefer that shaven look follow Dean here:


FYI we are following both, for impartiality reasons, you understand!?


To find out more about the twins go to


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