The multi Award Winning Tom Ford Grey Vetiver scent is to be given a rebirth in the guise of an Aftershave Balm. The Grey Vetiver Aftershave Balm combines the silvery, tailored elegance of the Vetiver fragrance with the hydrating and soothing qualities of a post-shave moisturiser.

Aside from its moisturising qualities, the aftershave balm has been formulated to relieve irritation and soothe the skin. Ideal for normal to dry skin conditions, it leaves skin feel soft, smooth and lightly scented with Tom Ford Grey Vetiver.

“Vetiver immediately evokes for me the classic man, someone who has a confident, refined, and slightly traditional sense of what it means to be a man—an elegance that is mirrored in TOM FORD clothing. It’s one of my favourite fragrance notes because it is timeless, grounded, and has an enormous amount of character.” – Tom Ford

The Grey Vetiver Scent

The Top
The surprisingly fresh aspect of Vetiver is enhanced with sparkling orange flower and grapefruit notes, as aromatic sage develops the ingredient’s masculine character. Warm woods wrap this top layer, balancing but not overwhelming the dry coolness for which Vetiver is famous.

The Middle
Orris, another precious root extraction valued highly by fragrance makers, creates a warmth and luxurious comfort in the heart of the scent. The spicy notes of nutmeg and pimiento are added to this body in order to enliven the core Vetiver character. They give its clean and grounded sophistication a surge of surprising energy.

The Dry Down
As the full impact of Grey Vetiver’s exclusive Vetiver extract begins to unfold, its fascinating richness blends with a wash of golden, warm amber woods, while oakmoss enhances the green and woodsy aspect of this special ingredient, ensuring it never emerges as too earthy or pungent. This trio of important notes harmonise in the dry down to let Tom Ford Grey Vetiver float coolly on the skin while subtly melting into the body’s heat at the same time.

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Aftershave Balm launches nationwide on 7th June priced £30.