Lavender is a herb of multiple benefits and has been linked with healing everything from hairloss and insomnia to anxiety and pain relief. Benefits aside, one feature of Lavender is it’s distinctive, crisp aroma that can be distinguished regardless of the surrounding aromas; a trait suitable for a fragrance of distinction.

“California, as a place and an idea, evokes images of sparkling sunlight, natural blossoms, and expansive coastlines. Effortless in its vitality, it conjures an immerion int a state of relaxed and refined elegance.”

Based on California Tom Ford Lavendar Palm combines two types of Lavender to form the Top notes – the bright, tonic flash of Lavandin and the concentrated herbal undertones of Lavender Absolute. Theses are merged with a citrus blend of Lemon and Bergamot with Clary Sage to provide a bright opening to the scent.


The fragrance highlights the Lavender duo with the saturated vitality of a Palm Leaf accord and sparkling Aldehydes. Pink and White Oleander and Lime Blossom lend an ethereal facet. Vetiver and Cedar enrich the blend with a woody nuance. Smooth, fluid Benzion and Tonka Bean touched with Olibanum and rich Green Moss texture and the bottom note with an addictive warmth that reveals itself slowly for a lasting experience.

The bottle used are once again inspired by the dark brown glass colouring of the apothecary bottles used in a parfumer’s work room; the 50ml Lavender Palm bottle is based on the regal appearance of a chess piece.

Private Blend Lavender Palm is exclusively from all Private Blend counters from February 2012.

Private Blend Lavender Palm 50ml RRP £125.00

Private Blend Lavender Palm 250ml RRP £270.00