Tom Ford has added a woody marine oud fragrance to its Private Blend collection named Oud Minérale. Key ingredients include Salty Seaweed, Pink Peppercorn, Oud Blend, Styrax, Ambergris Accord, and Fir Balsam. It’s a classic oud scent but with a fresher dimension.

Tom Ford tell us Oud Minérale was designed to, “mix Oud with the fresh exuberance of the ocean, capturing the refreshing play of surf and sea against the burning flame of smoked wood”.

Representing the “vitality and force” of the ocean is; bright pink peppercorn, included to spike the opening of the fragrance with a spritz of sea spray. A salty hint of seaweed submerges the heart with a marine aroma while an earthy balance is provided courtesy of fir balsam. At the base; an addictive ambergris accord blended with the warmth of styrax.


The Packaging

Oud Minérale is contained in the classic dark grey Private Blend bottle, and is available in 50ml and 100ml flacons with their sleek, architectural look of a chess piece. For gentlemen wishing to really invest in Oud Minérale, the extravagant, 250ml decanter, brings a new level to your grooming area- and is housed in a warm grey set-up box.

Oud Minérale, from £155 by TOM FORD