With the trend for facial hair, be it designer stubble or a serious beard, set to continue we thought it prudent to document our Top 10 Beard Care products. Wearing facial hair or a beard can teeter on the brink of ‘Ape’ if care isn’t taken. Whereas a true gentleman would put a little effort into cleansing, conditioning, styling and maintaining his facial hair – it’s simple, quick, effective and the results are worthwhile.

We advise cleansing facial hair (for obvious reasons) and scrubbing to remove debris. Maintenance is key too – to ensure a well kept appearance – avoiding that unruly look, alongside conditioning solutions to maintain hair quality and softness. Follow this with some daily styling tools; combs, brushes, gadgets and grooming products. Here are our choice solutions:


Billy Jealousy Beard Wash (£20.00) – a facial wash designed specifically for beard hair. It softens, hydrates, strengthens and delivers a healthy shine – whilst making unruly hair tameable, and easier to style.

Mr Natty Face Forest Soap (£15.00) – for those who prefer a more traditional soap-style product. This beard shampoo helps skin beneath become clean, smooth and hydrated, and your beard soft and cleansed.

Baxter of California Facial Scrub (£17.00) – perhaps not the first product you may think of when considering facial hair maintenance but adding a scrub into your routine will help ensure a deep clean of debris beneath your beard. Facial Scrub from Baxter of California is an excellent choice with Walnut Shell Powder providing exfoliation, while Honey, Aloe Vera and Botanical Extracts leave skin soothed and moisturised.


Zirh Shave Gel (£13.50) – to cultivate an impressive beard, you will need to maintain your style along the way. This Aloe Vera based shave gel makes shaving easy thanks to a clear formula – ensuring you can see where you’re shaving and only shave unnecessary hair; most likely located on your cheek and lower neck.

Gillette ProGlide Styler (£20.00) – whether you choose to maintain a beard, goatee, thin chinstrap or sharp sideburns, the ProGlide Styler is an inexpensive electronic-gadget designed to achieve any of these looks. It even has a wet-shave blade attached.

Philips Laser Guided Trimmer (£99.99) – Philips make superb beard trimmers, noted for their cutting precision, skin protection, battery life and customisable lengths. This BT9280 version comes with a laser-guided trimmer, to ensure you trim the right lines, and places.

Beardbrand Hair Cutting Scissors ($14.99) – with beard trimmers only able to cut to certain length, a decent pair of scissors will slice through your beard hair with ease. You can also use them to cut off split ends and to even out fast-growing hairs.


The Happy Bear Beard Balm (£14.50) – this non-greasy conditioning balm is superb! It not only conditions your beard but also nourishes the skin beneath, ensuring facial hair and skin is left soft, fresh and crucially – dandruff-free. It absorbs quickly and smells incredible too.

Mr Natty Frank’s Beard Elixir (£9.50) – for those who prefer a runnier alternative to balm, this concentrated beard oil keeps hair conditioned and soft. It also doubles as an astringent and moisturiser for cleansing and hydrating beard hair.


Billy Jealousy Beard Control (£20.00) – this is a unique product, in that it’s actually a styling product – designed specifically for beards. It offers natural definition whilst conditioning beard hair without weighing it down; providing texture and a natural hold.

Brooklyn Grooming Williamsburg Moustache Wax ($22.00) – whether you chose the classic handlebar, the Dali, the Fu Manchu or the Chin Puff, this moustache wax from Brooklyn Grooming will assist with styling and control. Made with castor oil and kukui nut oil to condition, and beeswax for a supple hold and pliability.

Big Red Beard Combs No.7 ($17.99) – the ‘No.7’ is an all around comb suited to combing any beard style. We like it in Walnut, but it’s also available in Cherry. Made from a total of four layers, it is fantastically well built and can be carried in your jacket pocket for styling on the go.

*The list grew to 12 from 10.