We can tell you how much we want a guy who is smart, funny and kind, but when you approach us our eyes avert straight to your hair. No exceptions.

That is why it is SO important you have good hair and sorry guys but these hair styles are just not working for you. If your game isn’t quite on point recently, perhaps your sporting one of our big 3 don’ts.

The Top Knot

While you may think you look super cool and trendy, you don’t. It just doesn’t work. Firstly perfecting a bun is an art form, therefore you either get it horribly wrong or it’s so perfect we as females get a little jealous. There is no silver lining here. Never mind the fact that we can’t help but gawk at your head wondering if the shaved bit at the bottom is cold compared to the top.

Frosted Tips

What ever your justification for getting this hair style, be it trying to reclaim your youth or your girlfriend is in love with N sync. You won’t look as hot as our beloved frosted boyband. Chances are you probably weren’t cool enough to pull it off in the 90’s and rest assured you still won’t pull it off in 2015.

  Over grown and messy.

Unless you’re as blessed as Chris Hemsworth this hair style will leave you looking unclean and scruffy. It’s okay to look messy and casual but guys, you don’t need to give off the impression that you’ve never heard of a comb or barbers. Most of the time the look you will end up with is as though you have fell asleep with too much product in and now you cant get your hair to flatten back down. Casual is cool, but ladies still like to see you’ve made some effort.