If your left feeling a little delicate after reading our Top 3: Hairstyles Women Hate have no fear because we also know what 3 hairstyles women love, and how to achieve them. Although we do understand each women has her own preferences, these timeless styles seem to instantly make a man look more attractive. After all first impressions last a lifetime.

Front Wave

This style, partnered with the right shades, can send out real rockstar vibes. However paired with the right suit, you transform into a well groomed, intelligent hunk. Honestly the best of both worlds. It’s so easy to achieve this look, first make sure you have more length on the crown and taper off on the sides. Let your hair part naturally and use a styling spray through the front and perfect the style with a fine comb.

Slicked Back

This retro style screams sophistication, and no not just because Mr Beckham is sporting it (we remember his cane rows!). It’s simply because no woman can resist the charming well groomed executive look. It’s also excellent to hide signs of thinning hair. Take your damp hair and apply a firm hold texturing spray, blow dry your hair back, away from the face. Once dry use your fingertips to comb a hair pomade through to get the desired style.

The Caesar

This is becoming increasingly popular with all ages, and for good reason. The length makes is incredibly easy to maintain and simple to spike. Minimal effort but still extremely attractive. A simple dab of styling gel, the spiked look can be perfected in seconds, with out worry of losing style through out the day.