This is quite possibly the most perfect example of traditionally modern fashion I have seen to date. Combine the classic Gentleman’s cape/poncho with high-tech fabric and you get Norwegian Rain – a limited edition 350 piece collection of outerwear. Inspired by the rainiest City in Europe and designed with Japanese simplicity, each individually numbered piece is a subtle mix of traditional men’s tailoring and the ultimate technology to protect you from the rain.


The range comprises of three styles; the Double Breasted Raincoat, the Single Breasted Raincoat and the ‘Raincho’. Each garment consists of three layers; a highly water-repellent outer shell, a waterproof & breathable membrane laminated to the inside of the garment and a satin lining that keeps the technical, high-performance aspects visually understated. A heat sealing film is applied to each seam to eliminate water penetration in the tiny holes made by the stitches.


In my opinion, the epitome of the collection is their ‘Raincho’- a quirky and sculptural contrast to wear over a suit or just an airy and comfortable piece of functionable clothing. The Storm Flap is made with cashmere lining for ultimate comfort on cold and windy days. What more could you possibly ask for; dress like a modern gent, be stylish and remain dry at the same time. Fashion perfection.