For over 80 years Proraso has been the leading Italian barber shop shaving brand and now they have formulated a version of the best selling Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream.  This 100ml cream (RRP £8.95) is the latest addition to the Proraso range and is specifically tailored to sensitive skin.

The cream works like the original Eucalyptus Oil and Menthol formula, much loved in Italy since the 1920s, but with ingredients specifically chosen to be kind to sensitive just-shaved skin. Refreshes the face and softens the beard when used before shaving and reduces stinging and irritation when applied after.

Pre-shave oils are now commonly used as an ‘undercoat’ but don’t suit many men’s skin which can be oily already. Proraso’s unique Pre & Post Shave Cream does the same job but in a Glycerin enriched cream form.

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