This Christmas Ape to Gentleman will periodically bring to you the ultimate grooming gifts to give (or to receive) this Christmas. Our ‘Ultimate Grooming Gift’ feature gets off to a reassuringly expensive start with the epitome of a luxury gifting service- Bokks of London.

Bokks are not any ordinary gift service; from the idea conception to bespoke delivery of the gift itself, they make the whole process an unforgettable experience. Their ‘Masterful Artisans of Surprise’ as they so aptly entitle them, are none other than Karl Lagerfeld and Dustin Hoffman. You can choose to be as lavish as you desire with your own VPA (Very Personal Assistant) to guide you through the realms of luxury with gifts that go beyond what most of us would deem to be conceivable.

Once the gift has been painstakingly chosen, the end result is then artfully concealed in a package which Bokks describe as ‘Bokks luggage’, specially designed to facilitate transportation and presentation of luxury gift brands. Why stop there? Bokks even have their own special delivery system to ensure that the luxury gift is received exactly as the sender intended.

Well that just about covers the ‘Ultimate’ part, but now it’s time to focus on the all important ‘Grooming Gift’ part. Bokks have luxury grooming assortments from Acqua di Parma, Razors and set’s from Hommage, including the Damascene, and luxury fragrances from Creed. The beauty of this gift is that Bokks package them beautifully alongside leather goods brands such as Valextra, and Smythson, whilst throwing in a little something for the cigar aficionado’s from S. T. Dupont. The combinations are as numerous and extravagant as your imagination, or if you’d prefer, that of your VPA’s.