Today’s Ultimate Grooming Gift comes from double-edge shaving experts Merkur, and their crowning glory the Merkur Vision 2000. The advent of this safety-razor should not be taken lightly; the Futur was its predecessor, and some might argue that there was no need to make another, most however would be glad that they did. The Vision is some what excessive in its size and weight, but reassuringly so, as the balance and design of the razor holds it firmly in your hand.


The Vision also boasts technology greater than other double-edged razor, combing a butterfly style opening mechanism (much like the Classic Gillette razors) with Merkur’s fine adjustment system. The blade angle and amount of blade exposed changes with each setting, with the levels indicated by the letters V-I-S-I-O-N, which I think is a nice touch. The Vision is 4.75”, ¼ inch longer than the popular Futur razor, reinforcing its claim as the King of the Merkur family.

How does it shave? Futur lovers have given the razor the thumbs up with the closeness and quality of shave achievable with the Vision, however like all safety razors it will take getting used to. Some found butterfly mechanism to be tricky, but more thought this was due to choice of shaving product clogging the razor, rather than razor malfunction itself. As desirable as it is functional, the Vision is definitely an, if not ‘the’, Ultimate Grooming Gift.