It began with a symbol, a small alligator to be precise. This reptilian creature would be the logo that would encompass a range of sporting achievements, and thus a company that understated elegance would breathe life into a whole dimension of sporting attire.

Lacoste would be it’s name and since 1933 their innovative nature has harnessed the talents of everyday people to create products that not only look great, but also represent spheres of the individual.

This ideology has inspired the latest campaign by Lacost L!ve. Here they place emphasis on the ‘Unconventional talents’ of New York. The shoot was casted from the streets of Brooklyn and features artist Aakash Nihalani – graphic street tape art. This unique form of art captures the spirit and emotion of not only the man himself, but also his surroundings.

“When you work on the street you are allowing yourself to work in real time, you end up coming up with results that are extraordinary” – Aakash Nihalani 

Shot by Mark Hunter, the new campaign features free living, spirited characters that take the spirit of the brand to a much more literal level. There is a sense of rawness within the photos, showing that the brands sporting heritage can also be implemented onto the earthy streets.