Saint Valentine’s Day, known as Valentine’s Day to most represents an opportunity for couples to show their love for each other. The question is, why? There are 364 other days in the year for couples to demonstrate their love, and affection, so why put the focus on one? The poor men who shower their women with love and gifts throughout the year, are in fact punished by Valentine’s Day, as the gift expectation is much higher for them, as is the likelihood of disappointment. On the flipside, the men who do nothing all year round can simply purchase a flower from the petrol station on the way home, and receive a Hero’s welcome. Hardly fair is it now.

So where did this all stem from, what actually is Valentines Day?  According to many historians the real Valentines Day had nothing to do with love, but is a holiday in honour of Saint Valentine, and early Christian Martyr who was put to death by Roman Emperor Claudius – hardly the glamorous event we have turned it into today. One plus about Valentine’s Day, is that at least it makes men up their game, including improving their grooming habits. Women if you’re lucky he may shave for you, put on his newest fragrance, and maybe even use a moisturiser before the much anticipated ‘surprise’ meal. Remember Gents, a razor is for life, not just for Valentines.