Born into a family with a true fragrance heritage, the grandson of the Dior Perfumes founder Serge Heftler, Frédéric Malle was raised in respect for the perfumer’s craft, in the very heart of its traditions, and it shows. The founder of Editions de Parfums, Frédéric Malle’s primary goal was to reveal to the public the real ‘Noses’ behind the great fragrance houses and to let these Perfumers free of their shackles to create fragrances they would have created without the restrictions of brands and marketers.


Most fragrance brands aim to please everyone, but each of Frédéric Malle’s 15 scents are more focused on the individual. Watch the video to see just how the ‘Smelling Booths’ work and why Editions de Parfums are to fragrances, what cigars are to cigarettes. It’s fair to say that this man knows exactly what he’s talking about.

Photos: Beverly Hills People