In 1977 the first model of the Ultra Goliath was conceived by the brilliant mind of Stan Besner; 35 years later the Ultra Goliath 2 remains one of the most iconic frames ever made. The Vintage Frames Company has once again worked with Ultra Eyewear to bring to life their vision of the Ultra Goliath 2 in a collaboration entitled the “Snow White Project“.

The Ultra Goliath 2 was produced in the same exact factory in Holland that it was in 1977 with the use of the original Goliath 2 mould. A rare white vintage acetate was chosen to be the base for this vintage frames masterpiece. The visuals show a novel interpretation of Snow White, the antithesis of the squeaky-clean portrayal normally used.

“We have chosen to depict our version of a modern day Snow White using imagery shot in Montreal.” – The Vintage Frames Company


The Snow White Project Goliath 2 Sunglasses are currently available in a limited run of 50 vintage frames.

The frames come both as sunglasses, as well as with clear demo lenses, and are available exclusively online at