WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie are fast establishing themselves as one of the leading producers of modern luxury travel accessories, successfully partnering individualist detailing and classic simplicity in all their endeavours to create a range of products that are both functional and highly covetable.

For their forthcoming A/W ’12 collection brothers Byron and Dexter Peart have expanded the existing collection to include an increasingly versatile range of goods, which now includes travel slippers, gloves and wrist accessories alongside classic bags like the Heathrow Commuter Bag, now available in elegant shades of green, and O’Hare Shopper Tote.

Favourable new additions include the Dulles Sports Bag, an elegant replacement to any decrepit duffel bag that will transfer easily from the locker room to office. With the functional addition of drawstring waterproof compartments, the bag keeps worn sportswear out of range of sensitive nostrils.

For those on overnight business the Stansted Garment Bag has space for a suit, shirt, essential toiletries and documents, making for a sleek condensed carry-on that will hold all the essentials for any 24-hour excursion; longer breaks are accommodated for with the Deurne 48hr Getaway Duffel, which houses a smaller Roll Tote for city shopping.  Easily added is the new Prestwick Zip Travel Slipper that can be conveniently folded flat to fit efficiently in to any bag, ready to make you feel at home wherever you go.


Out and about, WANT’s Armstrong Travel Organizer with A7 Notepad gives travellers a chance to pen musings and notes on new surroundings whilst keeping money and documents conveniently close at hand.

WANT L.E.V. continues to impress it’s expanding following of clients who search for multiplicity in their purchases. With duality as a core leitmotif of the A.W ’12 collection, WANT carries their execution off with aplomb, creating new essentials for the modern male wardrobe.