Wayne Rooney: New Hair, New Roo?


Last weekend Wayne Rooney went public and confirmed that he had visited a London clinic for hair transplantation treatment. On Twitter he was said to be joking about needing a recommendation of a good hair gel to tame his new hair.

Rooney is just the latest in a growing number of men – not just in the public eye, but from all walks of life who see premature baldness as an affliction with which they no longer need to suffer. Rooney was quoted as having begun losing hair at the tender age of 25 – which caused team mates to cruelly suggest that his hair no longer matched his age. With men even younger than this having similar problems, it’s clear a solution to this problem was required.

With Hair Transplantation costing anywhere between £7000.00 and £30,000 this treatment is big business.

But rightly so – as a good hair transplant can completely change the look and take years off the person’s appearance  – boosting confidence no end.

How does this work?

Hair follicles are of the greatest density at the back of the head – this is why baldness seldom affects this area. Follicles are transplanted from denser areas into the sparser areas at the front and top of the head – and then grow just as regular hairs would. All this under local anaesthetic with minimal pain, discomfort and downtime? A perfect solution.


Liverpool and Isle of Man based Aesthetic Practitioner Dr Tracey Bell has brought this concept to her clinics by becoming the only provider of DHI (Direct Hair Transplantation) technique outside of London. This has become a popular option at the clinics, with over 25 new patients a week and growing.

 ‘The men of the North West and Isle of Man are stylish and very aware of how their looks are affected by premature baldness. I want to make sure this treatment is available to all, not just those in the public eye – my message to anyone who is considering this treatment is – ditch the hat and get your hair and your confidence back for good with DHI’ – Dr Tracey Bell

For more information on hair transplants from Dr. Tracey Bellclick here.