It’s not often that you’ll hear Ape to Gentleman advising not to do something, but we owe it to you our readers, to help you dodge a bullet (in this case it’s more like a missile) when we see it coming.

Anyone that calls themselves “The Situation” is a person to be wary of but Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has put ‘mouth to Dictaphone’ on a new self-help book that will be a guide to ripped abs, grooming, and how to keep up with your GTL (gym, tan, laundry). This must-not-have book will be ‘cleverly’ entitled “Here’s the Situation“. If you are unfamiliar with this ‘star’ from MTV’s hit series Jersey Shore, take a look at The Situation in action below.

Reports say that we have until November before this ‘guide’ is released, but if you happen to find a copy in the meanwhile, do the right thing – dispose of it in the nearest bin (or furnace if available). You’ve been warned; this man is a threat to modern gentlemen worldwide.

via New York Post