At any time in the UK, someone somewhere is at the airport in the midst of a pretty spectacular style malfunction. Three steps to follow when finding the right outfit for a trip to the airport:

(1)Don’t dress like you’re already on holiday, this entails no brightly coloured shorts, no vests and certainly no hats. (2)Dress appropriately, you may be starting in the freezing cold at Gatwick 2 am, but you’ll be landing in sunny south of France. Layer up intelligently. (3)Less is certainly more on an aeroplane. you may be out of the office free from restricting suits however the watch, bracelet, necklace, hat, fashion scarf and sunglasses combination may look great, will just annoy you when sat on a plane.

Style Editor Chris Chasseaud has compiled the perfect airport outfit for every gentleman –

“Keep in mind that while at the airport you’re in transit – you therefore want to feel comfortable as several hours are going pass you by. Pick up a good magazine. The best magazine for travel hands down is Monocle – great content and has an array of stories to keep you well occupied. I would suggest paying most attention to your selection of trousers; make sure they’re comfortable and have enough give in the seat and legs. If needing to remain smart because you’re heading straight to an important business meeting from the airport, a travel suit jacket is a must, as it will keep it’s shape and not crease from all your sitting or moving about.””If going on holiday, remain stylish and presentable. This is easily attainable through quality staple pieces that are both classic and comfortable. A good polo shirt will go a long way and have nice crew neck jumper just incase it gets a little chilly or you need to makeshift pillow. Comfort is the name of the game so make sure you equally balance style and comfort.”

The Business Trip

Paul Smith Travel Suit Jacket – £525.00

Eton of Sweden Red Ribbon Shirt – £ 125

Z Zegna Blue Satin effect Trouser £ 320.00

Crockett & Jones Derby shoe – £385.00

The Holiday

John Smedley Polo – £125.00

Sunspel Cashmere Sweat Top – £370.00

Want Les Essentials leather sneaker – £260

Maison Kitsune wool-flannel trouser – £220