“New year, new you” – every year starts the same way; we set ourselves ambitious health targets which we plan on adhering to, but for one reason or another they fall by the wayside. We feel your pain Gentlemen, so to get 2011 off to the right start, we are giving 25 of you the chance to trail 3 months of the Imedeen’s advanced internal skin care (25 x 90 Day Packs), man.age.ment (each 3-Month Supply worth £120).


Whether you’re a grooming guru who wants to add a new dimension to your skincare routine, or you’re looking for a faff-free route to better-looking skin, IMEDEEN man.age.ment could be the answer.   The easy-to-swallow skincare tablet for men works in the dermis – the deep layer of skin untouched by traditional grooming products.  Just two tablets daily with a glass of water are all you need for improved skin performance.  Simply ‘pop and go’ for softer, smoother skin all over.

As we age, skin becomes gradually thinner as collagen is lost in the dermis.  This makes it more vulnerable to environmental factors leading to drier, more sensitive skin.   Even the daily shave contributes to loss of natural lubrication and protection. IMEDEEN man.age.ment tablets tackle skin problems on the inside – at source.  The natural-based formulation has been scientifically shown to accelerate skin healing, boost collagen production and increase hydration levels by up to 30%.

“My skin is easily irritated and I often get a reaction with creams, so I loved the idea of skincare you can swallow. I was really impressed with the results.”– Adrian

This competition is now closed. Imedeen is available from www.nivenandjoshua.com – priced at £40.