The young British male’s weekly spend on looking good has now overtaken that of the fairer sex, according to a survey carried out by sports nutrition company, Multipower. A cross-section of the country’s 18 to 35 year olds were questioned about their health, fitness and beauty regimes, and it emerged that on average, men are now spending £11.72 per week on grooming products compared to their female counterparts who spend exactly one pound less.

Harvested in advance of the nation’s return to work this week, the study also revealed a narrowing in the gender divide in terms of time spent preparing to look good – particularly for the workplace. Whilst young women are now taking an average of 30 minutes to get ready for work, men are not far behind with an average investment of 25 minutes prep time.

It is not all change however. Women are still way out in front when it comes to preparing for an evening out, taking an average of 52 minutes to get ready, almost double the time that men admitted to (29 mins).

Further indicators of the time and money young men are now investing in their appearance came with the findings that 1 in 5 are moisturising and 1 in 20 using hair straighteners as a part of their daily routine. A further 12.5% admitted they have worn make-up at least once, whilst 8% indulge in the occasional manicure.

As well as cosmetic enhancements, Britain’s young adults – both male and female – are embracing exercise as a means to look good. Encouragingly, against a news backdrop of growing obesity levels, the study showed that the average 18-35 year old is spending nearly three hours per week doing some form of exercise, despite only 28% of men questioned and just under a quarter (23%) of women belonging to a gym. In addition, 44% of men questioned are now using sports nutrition to support their training.

The study also revealed some interesting regional trends, with 18-35 year olds in Northern Ireland spending the most money on beauty products (an average of £12.73/ week, compared to the national average of £11.11) and more than 6% using fake tan every day.  The Scots top the polls for wanting straight hair with no less than 31% straightening their hair every day, compared to the national average of 24%.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of leading sports nutrition company, Multipower, whose UK Marketing Manager, Steve Kessell, commented: ‘The gender gap is clearly narrowing with young men now feeling much more at ease than previous generations in investing time and money on how they look. It’s also encouraging to hear that so many young people are now exercising regularly and setting themselves training goals.’