Yumaki was founded in 2009 by a Scandinavian Product Design company and a Japanese Oral Care factory, who have been working for years developing high quality dental products together. Although a relatively new oral care brand, Yumaki’s Japanese manufacturers of the have more than 100 years of experience in producing professional oral hygiene products.

The name comes from the first Yumaki prototype ever made. Warm and coming straight from the mould, transparent with the clean and straight (yet wavy) shape of the handle it resembled a small wavy volume of water.


Yumaki toothbrush design is based on three core ideals – aesthetic impact, sustainability and ergonomics. This is clear to view from the offset as all the unnecessarily, fussy details normally seen on oral care products have no place in these refreshingly elegant, yet functional toothbrush.

The toothbrushes are made from 100% recyclable PP material, while the 100% nylon bristles are and imported from Japan.

Their 2010 ‘Originals’ collection was tailor made to meet the high functional & stylish expectations of the urban gent.  The Originals model A101 balances function and design featuring high quality nylon bristles in squared holes and a unique flexible handle that is made out of degradable plastic and designed to have an ergonomic grip when using it. The handle also features a circular hole that fits single-use Yumaki accessories such as the interdental brush and tuft brush.



Yumaki place a huge emphasis on sustainability and as such have started a recycling program to encourage users to think green.  For every 3 toothbrushes that you send back to the Yumaki Factory to be recycled, you will receive a brand new toothbrush for free. Kind on your teeth, your pocket, and the environment, all while looking pretty damn special – flawless victory.