Yves Saint Laurent have released a new fragrance for men, L’HOMME ULTIME, along with a new face, story and advertising campaign to showcase it.

The third in the series of L’HOMME fragrances, the new scent still holds the careful blend of aromatic woods that has been a signature of the L’HOMME range since it was created but also has its own unique intensity and depth of impact which makes easily distinguishable.

This compelling new fragrance open with aromatic, woody tones similar to that of L’HOMME AND L’HOMME INSTENSE. The fragrance then becomes uniquely distinctive as grapefruit essence reveals itself accompanied by Ginger and Cardamom seed.

At its core, Damask Rose elevates and purifies the scent which is then intensely contrasted with the sobriety of Geranium and the freshness of Clary Sage. With base notes of Cedar Oil and Vetiver, a vibrant new blend with a masculine undertone is created perfect for summer.

Described as the ‘embodiment of the modern man’ by YSL themselves, Vinnie Woolston- a New Zealand-born model- has become the new face of the product. Chosen for his unique yet classic look, Woolston perfectly reflects the product and what it represents.

L’HOMME ULTIME marks a new chapter in the YSL mens fragrance range and is available in both 60ml and 100ml with prices of £55 to £70 RRP.