My first Zegna purchase was merely a pochette, but such was the texture of the silk, hue of colouring and design that – in my eyes – it instantly rendered all others to mediocrity. It is this undisputed quality at a glance that has enforced Zegna’s position as one of the leading menswear brands worldwide; not only do they design, they manufacture the technically diverse fabrics the clothes are made from.

Founded in 1910 by the young entrepreneur Ermenegildo, Zegna has grown from a luxury menswear brand to one of the most renowned businesses in Italy.

New from Ermenegildo Zegna is the gentleman’s dressing valet, a linear piece of furniture that is elegant and elicits the style of the Zegna man: tidy, attentive to detail, fully aware of the value of what he has chosen.

Zegna Valet is characterised by brushed aluminum in a warm champagne tone and soft grain leather. Smooth surfaces, harmonious lines, shapes and materials that express a luxury of substance and a functionality that has been studied in the most minute detail, such as the curve of the shoulder perfectly shaped to fit a Zegna tailored jacket.

Zegna Valet was realised by the man behind the design for the prestigious Milan headquarters of the Ermenegildo Zegna Group, Antonio Citterio.

In this way Zegna gives new life to the ritual of a masculine object that is no longer commonly used, and re-interprets it in a contemporary and ultra-functional manner. In addition to ensuring a perfect fit for clothes on the half-bust and trouser hanger, both of which are covered in leather, Zegna Valet also accommodates an iPad, cufflinks, a watch, and other personal items in a special tray, under which a swivel hook is mounted to hang a belt or a tie. In summary, it’s the ultimate accessory for the sartorially inclined modern gentleman.

Zegna Valet was presented in Milan, on Tuesday April 17, at the Ermenegildo Zegna Boutique in Via Montenapoleone for the ‘Salone del Mobile’ 2012.