Does shaving irritate your skin?

Prepare the skin. Zirh Prepare pre shave oil will soften the hair follicle and lift it up so that the razor glides right over the skin. Always use pre-shave oil immediately after the shower or when skin is damp. Vitamin E and Safflower oil are just two of the botanicals that provide added moisture during the shave.

Do you have a shaved head, goatee or intricate facial hair pattern?

Zirh Shave Gel allows you to guide your razor. A thin layer of Aloe based Zirh Shave Gel, and you have the perfect shave.  Just take your time and slow down. You will experience the best shave possible this way. This clear gel allows you to view the area you are shaving perfectly.

Do you need after-shave, moisturiser and razor burn relief? 3 products are no longer necessary…

Calm freshly shaven skin. Once shaving is completed, skin needs a light moisturiser and repair treatment.  
Zirh Soothe is the way to go – and is proven to provide relief. Created with Ginseng and seaweed extract, soothe will not only nourish and revitalise, but moisturise the skin. For those of you with razor burn or ingrown hairs… use Zirh Erase to kill the bacteria and calm the area. Utilising the antioxidant and cleansing properties of rose and chamomile extract, Erase is soothing and will relieve any redness.

Woke up with a blemish?

Fix it. The ultimate spot treatment for blemishes; it reduces redness caused by minor irritations and skin impurities. Zirh Fix is made with Salicylic Acid and Lemon Oil to kill bacteria and neutralise skins PH.

Late night or one too many drinks during the game?

Disguise tired eyes. Restore the rested, youthful look you crave. Made with Caffeine and Cucumber, Zirh Restore reduces puffiness while stimulating cell circulation hydrating tender under eye skin.

Is your skin dry, flaky or just plain dull?

Scrub away dead skin cells to reveal a healthier complexion. Especially now during the cooler months skin can tend to look this way. Polishing is easy with Zirh Scrub; it gently buffs away dead skin for a fresher more youthful appearance. Made with Aloe Vera and Sage, Zirh Scrub will not only exfoliate skin but clean, purify and moisturise.

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