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*NOTE TO READERS: Firstly, and most importantly; you our readers – the below does not affect our editorial content – we only work with brands we like, and think you will like. We never put money before your best interests, but please remember we need to make a living – and the upkeep of Ape to Gentleman is a costly affair.

Why you should advertise on Ape to Gentleman? Simply have a look around the blog and if you feel your brand fits and would like it seen by our dynamic male readership – please get in touch and we’ll sort out the rest.

There are four ways to advertise on Ape to Gentleman:

Advertising Space

Permanent monthly sponsorship across all Ape to Gentleman’s pages and CPM-based advertising.

Ape to Gentleman offers the following advertising units.

– 728 x 90 Leaderboard Advert
– 160 x 600 Skyscraper Advert
– 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle (MPU)
– 125 x 125 Sponsorship Squares

Ape to Gentleman Sponsors Squares

Ape to Gentleman offers premium sponsorship ad units, served in the right hand area of every Ape to Gentleman page. Due to the limited availability of these adverts, these sponsors are our main partners and we look for products/services that we feel would be relevant to Ape to Gentleman’s targeted and influential readership.

Advert Specifications:
–  125 x 125 pixel size
–  Will link back to the company product page
–  No animations (basic ads)

These are operated with a minimum term of one month.

Sponsored Posts

Ape to Gentleman is open to Sponsored Posts – providing the content will be appreciated by our readers. Sponsored Posts will be clearly marked as sponsored. We do not offer paid for SEO linking posts.

Unique Partnership

As a progressive entity Ape to Gentleman are always open to creative ideas and suggestions – we are happy to push the boat out, and carve out new ideas.


Ape to Gentleman on occasion incorporates affiliate links; from places like “LinkShare” or “Affiliate Window (Awin)” which pay us a small percentage every time you buy something, via a link on Ape to Gentleman. We only link to brands that are appropriate, and never do so for financial gain.

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