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Welcome to Ape to Gentleman; a Men’s Grooming, Fashion & Lifestyle blog dedicated to help you evolve from ape (not to be taken literally) to a well groomed modern day gent.

Ape to Gentleman was spawned from a need for an unbiased, informative yet interesting portal for male grooming information and has since developed into a resource for all aspects of a gentleman’s lifestyle, including fashion & travel. Contributions come worldwide; from the experts and the brands themselves, to our own expert take on various sartorial trends, grooming issues, news and products (both new and old) in the market.

Why Ape to Gentleman?

The name ‘Ape to Gentleman’ is a summation of Darwin’s evolutionary process. Where literally it represents the evolution of man, we believe that the final stage of evolution should be ‘Gentleman’. Ape to Gentleman reflects the ideal that all men should aspire to be Gents; while we do acknowledge that being a Gent does encompass many different attributes, one very important attribute is pride in appearance. 

What constitutes a Gentleman?

There are many definitions for a gentleman, but the particular definition to which we are referring is the most commonly perceived one:

gen – tle – man  [jen-tl-muh n]
1.    A well-mannered and considerate man with high standards of proper behaviour.

While this definition is accurate, we like to add our own spin on the definition; a modern gentleman requires a modern definition. Just as what constitutes proper behaviour has changed from 100 years ago, so has the concept of a gentleman. For example, where appearance used to be very uniform and regulated, there is now no uniform dressing standard; people can pretty much dress and present themselves the way they please. As such the traditional ideal of a gentleman, a well groomed man in a suit and bowler hat, no longer exists and has instead made way for a new gentleman, a modern gent. Today’s gentleman ranges from the BAPE and BBC wearing Pharrell Williams, footballing icons like David Beckham and Andriy Shevchenko to the epitome of the word gent, the Canali suited President Obama. These modern gents may choose to air their fashions in varied ways, but they share much in common; success, respect, professionalism and to top it off, they are all impeccably groomed.

But all this said and done, while we should all aspire to be well groomed gents, it’s important that we never totally eradicate the ape in us; the ability to find humour in the most inane of things, the tendency to act like a fool when the situation least warrants it, because lets face it, at the end of the day, the ape has more fun.

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