Amyris Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Francis Kurkdjian likes to think of his creations as part of a fragrance wardrobe. Rather then creating scents to define people, he creates bottled outfits that his clients can wear according to their personality and mood. His way of thinking is novel in a perfume market that frequently sells men and women identities that often eclipse their own. It is perhaps this reason that his fragrances have accumulated such a devout following of wearers, some loyal to one ‘outfit’, others many.

With Amyris Homme, the latest in a duo of fragrances for man and woman, Kurkdjian unites two key ingredients to create a delicate masculine composition that sits well from morning through to night: Amyris Resin and Florentine Iris.

Opening with a subtle herbaceous note of Moroccan Rosemary and a fresh Mandarin, the fragrance soon settles into a powdery warm blend of Amyris –commonly known as West-Indian Sandalwood – and Iris. By adding small quantities of this sought-after raw material to the woody resin, the composition evolves to a lighter, more fragrant woody aroma that suggests the warm landscapes where the materials originate.

At the launch of the fragrance, Kurkdjian spoke of how these fragrances were inspired by a couple in Paris that he saw whilst having coffee at a café; for any men looking for a fragrance to surprise their partners with, then a joint purchase of Amyris Homme and Amyris Femme will surely demonstrate what a romantic you are. Whilst the two fragrances both unite Amyris and Iris, the feminine fragrance opens with sharper citrus notes that enhance the Iris to greater effect.

Kurkdjian spoke of how these fragrances were inspired by a couple in Paris that he saw whilst having coffee at a café.

On the skin, Amyris Homme is inoffensive and charming, like every good gentleman should be. For those who choose to add this to their wardrobe, it will no-doubt bring a little warmth to their thoughts in the colder seasons ahead.

Amyris Homme is available as a 70ml Eau de toilette from priced £105.

  • Scent Bound

    It’s interesting how two people can smell a fragrance in a totally different way. I don’t get any of the powderiness of the iris. In fact, on me Amyris Homme stays fresh, crisp and citrussy-woody.

    I think the Amyris used here is Amyris Balsamifera or Amyris Elemifera. The latter is a source of the elemi resin used in many perfumes. Both species are in the citrus family. The generic name West Indian Sandalwood is kind of misleading because none of the Amyris species have anything to do with the sandalwood. It’s just an interesting fact.