JOSHUA’s Magazine – Issue THREE


Aspirational Lifestyle publication; JOSHUA’s Magazine has released issue THREE. Featuring a carefully curated selection of men’s lifestyle features – this issue circles around the theme, “Life is Fantastic” (issues ONE and TWO). Features MONTBLANC – Interview with Montblanc MD Christian Rauch COMADOR – We look at the luxury cigar collaboration between JAY Z... Read More

retaW JB Fragrance Liquid for Sneakers


After a sock-less summer many of us will be lamenting the demise of our once box-fresh trainers, with many pairs no doubt relegated from hallways to the back of wardrobes, never to see the light of day again. However there is hope of a second life for some pairs with the application of retaW’s Fragrance Liquid for Sneakers, an anti-bacterial mist with a subtle spiced mint aroma.... Read More

Ape to Instagram


Ape to Gentleman are now on Instagram – or in app; @apetogentleman  Read More



Slightly off topic for Ape to Gentleman but certainly deserving of a place in our Apeish category, Motogroom is the first grooming shampoo and sanitising range of products for the natural cleansing of a motorbike helmet and associated clothing. Wearing a helmet for months against your hair and face without cleaning is not ideal for helmet function, your skin, or malodour.... Read More

Caran d’Ache – Maxi Metallic Pencils


The new Maxi Metallic Pencils from Caran d’Ache definitely get filed under Apeish, but we thought they were pretty cool. Available from September 2014 in all Caran d’Ache points of sale and boutiques, these five metallic coloured pencils will brighten up your winter. Gold, silver, bronze, red and green are the shades available – perfect for creative children and adults alike. The... Read More

Making an Airbus A380


Emirates Airlines have produced a video capturing the making of its 50th Airbus A380 aircraft. The time-lapse video captures the creation of this unique aircraft in 2 minutes, and 18 seconds. It takes 800 workers just 65 to 80 days to assemble, install, test, paint, furnish and deliver an Emirates Airbus A380, the iconic double-decker aircraft that has been creating headlines since... Read More

Jonathan Saunders ‘Jumper’


British fashion designer; Jonathan Saunders has released a short film entitled, Jumper – directed by Justin Anderson. The film shot earlier this year, offers an insight into Jonathan Saunders the brand with colour playing an important part in the narrative, a focus and signature of Saunders’ own work. The story is of a bourgeois European family whose lives are invaded... Read More



retaW-Tokyo have diversified their men’s grooming and beauty lineup with products for your pet! The new series known as PEELS is designed to fragrance your pet and thus your life. The first fragrance in the PEELS line is sumire* – a fresh and tender scent of violet. Their are two products available; a Fragrance Condishampoo for Dog (¥2,500), made with essential... Read More

How to Write a Great Best Man’s Speech


For many men the idea of giving a Best Man’s speech sends them into a cold sweat; the fear of not being engaging enough, funny enough or downright interesting enough, renders the whole situation as one big nightmare. On top of that you’ve got to find an appropriate way of complimenting your close friend and his bride without it sounding all a bit weird. Little wonder so many... Read More

Three of the Best: Summer Shirts


As a cool and unpredictable Spring has been briskly followed by a sheepish Summer that doesn’t quite know if it’s here yet, one thing is for certain,  the warm weather finally looks set to stay. You’ll therefore require a shirt that will act both functional (keeping you cool and comfortable) as well as stylish (good fit with timeless appeal). The following selection... Read More