From skinny jeans to man-scarves the list of hot topic fashion trends is constantly changing. While everyone enjoys looking stylish it can often be tiring (and expensive) to keep up with the ever changing must-have items. It’s not, however, the only way to be a well dressed man, filling your wardrobe with timeless style pieces can ensure you always look good no matter what the current trends are.

The Navy Suit


A shade which transcends both time and trend – the navy suit. A timeless, understated and infinitely cool old friend, labeled as ‘the men’s version of the little black dress’. A classic blue blazer is a good place to start. Favoured by hedge fund managers and hipsters alike, the navy suit is an iconic look, especially if it’s fitted and sharply tailored.

A Harrington Jacket and Jeans

King Creole.jpg

A truly iconic piece, if there ever was one. Mr Elvis Presley looked undoubtedly suave in his chosen outfit, and who knew (except for everyone) that it would still be so stylish this long after.

Cashmere Jumper and Shirt 


The soft, lightweight material is more comfortable than your favorite T-shirt—but so much more stylish—and touchable. It’s a versatile piece that works for every occasion. Every guy should own a well-made cashmere jumper. Paired with a clean cut shirt, gives it the stylish edge you’re after.