adidas ACE + X ‘Eskolaite Pack’

Earlier this year, adidas launched their ACE and X boots– designed specifically for the two players in the modern game, the ‘game changer’ and the ‘playmaker’.

Today adidas launch the ‘Eskolaite Pack’ a chrome transformation of ACE and X, with a unique new coating. Released in limited quantities Eskolaite is an uncommon Chromium Oxide mineral and has been used for the very first time to give the Eskolaite Pack its unique look. The chrome coating, which has green accents, gives the Eskolaite Pack a strong new look.

ACE 15 Eskolaite

The ACE15 boot is designed for control with Control Web- a 3-layer compound combined with grippy EVA for a better touch. It includes a ground breaking new stud configuration which puts more studs on the ball during foot-over moves to allow for complete ball control. The NSG (Non-stop grip) skin uses 3D dots for control in all conditions- think midfield maestro.

X15 Eskolaite

The X15 boot with Techfit Collar has a compression fit around the ankle for support and fit. An X-Claw base is built to give traction with a lightweight feel. The lightweight design offers support during agile movements. Covered in X-Skin, which is made up of a complex three layered system that delivers comfort, protection and performance in any conditions. Designed for attacking players with flair- game changers.