Alden Footwear

Goodyear Welted footwear has became synonymous with British manufacturing over the past 100 years, with Northampton manufacturers producing some of the best footwear in the world. However outside of Northampton there are still some great alternatives, one of these is the American company; Alden. Alden has been producing quality shoes since 1884 and today is still a family run business.

Renowned for crafting their footwear in Cordovan, Alden have built up a reputation as real specialists for manufacturing with this rare leather. Essentially Cordovan is a rare vegetable tanned horse hide that takes 6 months to carefully create. Today, very few companies produce it, with the Horween tannery in Chicago being the most notable, and the supplier to Alden. Alden using Cordovan creates a shoe with a unique patina that will only improve as the shoes age; the colour deepening with every polish.

Images courtesy of Trunk Clothiers, where you can also find their range of Alden footwear by clicking here.

Matthew Coles

Matthew is a style connoisseur with a love for classic Italian tailoring. As well as writing Fashion & Style for Ape, he also works for mens brand Drake's.