Alice Made This- Midas Collection

Award winning British men’s accessories designer Alice Made This have released their latest range named the Midas Collection.

The range consists of a clean and refined collection of cufflinks, lapel pins, shirt studs and key rings inspired by pattern, geometry and precision in nature.

In line with Alice Made This’ ethos the Midas Collection celebrates the Golden Ratio by adding a 22 Carat yellow gold and a rose gold finish to a selection of its signature Aerospace pieces.

The Golden Ratio connects mathematics, biology, art, music, history, architecture and psychology, and has inspired thinkers of all disciplines in mathematics. It’s a design philosophy of precision, geometry, harmony and proportion- ideal for a men’s accessories designer.

To honour the ratio Alice Made This have included their version of the ‘Midas’ touch using a Nanotechnology process to give the impression of touching and turning to gold using a 22carat yellow gold and a rose gold electro-deposition process.

The collection will be available online from September 2016 and in selected retailers from October 2016. Perfect for adding a little subtle flair to your smart-wear.