Collezione Barbiere Additions by Acqua di Parma

Striving for shaving perfection is every man’s dream- to make the daily ritual into something pleasurable and enjoyable. When you don’t have an expert barber at hand to take the strain away from you, you need products that carry over their expertise. Step in Acqua di Parma with their Barbiere Collection, a response to the needs and expectations of smart, style-conscious men.

Their new shaving range additions comprise of ergonomic hand-made accessories to help ensure the perfect shave, complimented by a series of sophisticated ‘soft’ products that include a Shaving Gel and Revitalising Face Serum.

Acqua di Parma’s New Collezione Barbiere

The Shaving Gel has been conceived for men that appreciate the style of a top level product. The Revitalising Face Serum enhances the action of the face-care treatments that are already part of the collection with an advanced formula especially considered for men’s skin.

Finally, the new razor combines ergonomic design, precious materials, with perfect craftsmanship that formulates the ideal combination for a shaving experience of utmost sophistication.

Collezione Barbiere Shaving Gel – £24

Shaving Gel

This airless gel ensures a protective and refreshing action. Its pleasant creamy texture produces a rich and soft foam when it touches the skin, for a smoother shave and impeccable results. Its advanced formula contains a unique selection of dermal oils and active ingredients that, combined leave the skin smooth and pleasantly fresh. The high weight of the molecular hyaluronic acid creates an effective and protective barrier against blade friction. Pomegranate oil soothes redness and irritations. Basil extract has a refreshing and toning action, whereas the essence of lemon oil contains purifying and anti-inflammatory properties. Very easy to use, recommended especially for men who prefer to shorten this morning ritual, however still enjoy its pleasing effect. Just a small amount of product is necessary for the face, blending it with your hands or with a shaving brush. After shaving, rinse with water and dab dry.

Collezione Barbiere Razor & Brush – £240

Shaving Razor Fusion Proglide®

An extremely elegant accessory, hand-made by skilled craftsmen and offered in a new version that can be used with Fusion Proglide® blades. An object that joins precious materials such as the water-resistant wengé wood and burnished brass. A distinctive feature is its design, with its close focus and attention to each and every detail, ensuring a perfect shave. The adjustable head follows the contours of the face ensuring utmost precision, and is fixed to the handle in such a way as to allow homogeneous pressure and safe use. The innovative and ergonomic bow-shaped handle offers a comfortable and stable grip thanks to its diversified section and bottom weight distribution. The elegant stand for the razor, also in burnished brass, is carefully designed to allow the razor to dry quickly. After each use, carefully rinse the razor in running water then dry the wood and metal parts, avoiding the blades.

Collezione Barbiere Revitalising Face Serum – £49

Revitalising Face Serum

A serum with an elegant and ultra-light texture, which is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin incredibly smooth and compact. Conceived for the specific needs of the male epidermis, it is enhanced with ground-breaking properties that act in synergy to provide an even more effective anti-oxidising and anti-ageing action. Ellagi-C, a special vegetal extract, stimulates the absorption of vitamin C, aided by the innovative complex Nikkol VC-IP. The black elderflower oil performs a beneficial draining action. A formula that revitalises and deeply moisturises the skin for a firm, bright, and relaxed look. The Revitalising Serum should be applied either in the morning, after shaving, or in the evening on cleansed skin. Gently massage a small amount of product on to the face and neck, avoiding the eye contour. The serum can be used alone or in combination with the Revitalising Face Cream.

Chris Chasseaud

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