Asafo Print by A.Sauvage

Adrien Sauvage has always used his native home of Ghana as a sphere of creative freedom; most notably seen in the photographic story he embarked on for his S/S11 Black Volta collection. This has undoubtably meant that each collection encompasses a notion of truth, not often seen within the fashion sector.

For his latest collection the designer has utilised the, ‘Asafo’, print as a main point of reference to create pieces of cultural and stylistic integrity. The print itself references Sauvage’s native Fante tribe, and pays homage to the local fishing community of the cape coast.

The Asafo print has both a political and personal message for Sauvage – and is an integral part of both Ghanian history and his own personal story.



Anthony Elliott

Anthony is a fashion writer, with a unique eye for style.