A rainy day remedy, a festival friend or a unique hand-me-down… these are some of the ways you might refer to your Barbour jacket.

The UK based outerwear legends Barbour have been photographing ‘Barbour People’ for the past 3 years, culminating in a series of videos showcasing the stories’ of those with unique and varied styles. The first video follows David, a singer/songwriter in two bands- Six Toes and Stranger Or The Plane who finds inspiration from the British countryside.

The second video follows Steve, a photographer from Suffolk- a man who travels the world taking photographs with a desire to explore and an appetite for adventure.

There will be a new video released every week alongside a dedicated Tumblr page where you can share your own Barbour story and style.

Visit the #BarbourPeople blog at www.barbourpeople.tumblr.com.