Baxter of California

Before the recent surge of fashion’s androgynous trend – which allowed style-conscious gents such as ourselves to courageously wear soft pastel shades and carry weekender bags; there was skincare. Whilst the majority sit on the fence questioning the relevance of such products, more and more are catching on, arriving at the realisation that skincare is indeed imperative to our overall appearance. Don’t just take our word for it though, ask Baxter Finley.

Baxter Finley Barber & Shop, Los Angeles

As the creator and founder of Baxter of California, Baxter Finley – touted as the unsung father of men’s skincare, proudly bred his empire based on this premise alone. After making the leap to Los Angeles from New York, Finley immediately took part in a manhunt to find the perfect moisturiser for his then tattered skin. Exhausting his search only to come up short, he decidedly took matters into his own hands creating his own formula naming it Super Shape. The very first line of grooming products for men was born and the rest is as they say – history.

Since their inception in 1965, Baxter of California has consistently crafted high-quality products such as toners, night creams, vitamin enriched soaps and shaving creams garnering a loyal following of Hollywood A-listers.

With the future clearly in mind, Baxter of California keeps their focus pointed towards growth and innovation – sourcing only the best ingredients whilst keeping skincare solutions for the everyday man atop of their list.