The Most Stylish Men’s AirTag Wallets

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There are loads of mundane ways to ruin a perfectly good day. Perhaps the simplest, quickest and most effective is to lose your wallet. Every man has at some point experienced that sinking realisation that his bank cards, cash and driver’s licence have absconded in one fell swoop, and suffice to say it’s a bit of a mood killer.

Going through the hassle of losing an item this important is certainly something to be avoided if at all possible. But how? Isn’t the occasional disappearing wallet simply par for the course over the duration of a life well lived? Perhaps in the past, but with the democratisation of fancy tracking tech, there’s actually no need to permanently lose one ever again.

Apple’s coin-sized AirTag device brings the company’s ‘Find My’ tracking technology – the same thing you use to track your lost iPhone, MacBook or Apple Watch – to everyday items. You can pop one on your key fob, clip one onto a cat’s collar or even pop one into the pouch of a specially designed AirTag wallet and never worry about losing your cash and cards again.

What Is An AirTag Wallet?


An AirTag wallet does everything your regular wallet can do but with one added benefit: you can track it using your phone or computer. Just imagine, you’re in a rush to leave the house and can’t locate your wallet. With an AirTag incorporated into the design, all you have to do is pull out your phone, open the app and make it play a sound so you can easily find where you left it.

These wallets house the AirTag in a storage pouch. This is because carrying one in a normal wallet isn’t always possible or practical because of the thickness of the tracker. An AirTag is as thick as multiple bank cards sandwiched together, which makes it awkward to stuff into a regular billfold or cardholder.

It’s a relatively new concept, but one that is quickly gathering pace. Many top brands now offer their own versions of the AirTag wallet, including Apple itself (although strictly speaking it doesn’t use an actual AirTag). Below, we’ve rounded up a few of the best and most stylish options on the market. But first, check out our key buying tips to make sure you end up with the right one.

Buying Considerations



Many AirTag wallets are designed to look a lot like a traditional leather wallet or cardholder. This means they’ll be made from a nice smooth or grained leather, often in black or brown. That’s not your only option though.

Increasingly, brands are playing around with unconventional modern materials, like carbon fibre. The benefit is that it’s lighter and stronger, but the rigidity of the material won’t be to everyone’s liking.

There are also canvas options, which are a little more casual, but still hardwearing and tough enough to stand up to daily use.



Generally, an AirTag wallet will be just the right size to slot in a few cards, a bit of cash and attach your AirTag. However, it’s worth considering that the AirTag compartment can create some additional bulk, which means an AirTag wallet is often a bit thicker than the traditional untrackable alternative.

If you’re the type of person who hates having things in your pockets, you might want to consider a slimmer alternative. Thankfully, there are lots of credit card-shaped GPS trackers that can slot right into a conventional wallet. The only downside is that they don’t sync up quite so harmoniously with all your pre-existing Apple tech.



You want to spend enough to get a wallet that’s built well and will last. You also want to have some money left to put in it. Decent AirTag wallets start at around £15 and go all the way up to over £100. This upper threshold will probably increase even further if and when designer labels pick up on the concept.

For the time being though, AirTag wallets are really only available from specialist brands, independent sellers and retail sites like Amazon and Etsy.

The Best AirTag Wallets For Men

Minimify Pro AirTag Wallet

Minimify Pro Airtag Wallet

This premium leather option is perfect for anyone who wants classic looks and quality. It has capacity for up to 12 regular sized cards, six folded banknotes and includes a little circular holder for your AirTag.

It’s also RFID blocking and has a handy easy access slot for storing your most used cards.

Buy now at Minimify

Ridge Wallet & Carbon AirTag Clip

This modern-looking carbon-fibre wallet features a unique elasticated design. It expands to hold up to 12 cards, and a clip-on AirTag holder can be purchased separately to enable you to track it whenever the need arises.

It also features either a traditional money clip or a strap to hold spare cash secure, depending on which design you choose.

Buy now at The Ridge

Normest AirTag Wallet

Normest Airtag Wallet – Leather

This simple cardholder is ideal for those who like their wallets minimalist. It has several slots for cards, a middle compartment for notes and a holder for an AirTag on the back.

It’s also made from 100% leather and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Buy now at Normest

Spigen Wallet S

Spigen AirTag Card Holder Wallet S

With a hardwearing polycarbonate body, this durable cardholder from Spigen will keep your cards and cash safe, secure and trackable. It has RFID-blocking protection, an elastic strap for notes and room for 12 bank cards or IDs.

The unique design means its extremely slim and lightweight, which is great for sitting comfortably in a trouser pocket, and it’s available in two subtle colour options.

Buy now at Spigen

Gadgman AirTag Slim Smart Wallet

Gadgman Air Tag Slim Smart Wallet with Pop-Up Card Holder

If you’re sick of fumbling for cards then this clever wallet might be the answer. It has a slider on the side that can be flicked up to make your cards more easily accessible, and it even has RFID-blocking tech to help protect you from fraud and theft.

Best of all, it’s pretty reasonably priced, leaving you with money spare for an Apple AirTag to pop in the rear compartment.

Buy now at Gadgman

La Enviro Huntly Metal AirTag Wallet

La Enviro Huntly Metal AirTag Wallet

This robust cardholder-and-money clip combo is made from aviation-grade aluminium and steel. It’s a solidly built piece of kit, complete with Air Tag compartment, RFID-blocking technology and a slim, lightweight design that makes it nice and easy to carry.

Buy now at La Enviro

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