Clarks in Jamaica

You may be surprised to hear (or maybe not) that Clarks shoes aren’t just popular amongst the residents of Europe. In fact, the love for the brand stretches a little further than just a few hundred miles – around 4,000, all the way to Jamaica.

And to express the shoes celebrated status on the island – where for decades they have been coined as “champion shoes” – DJ and designer Al Fingers have released a book, entitled Clarks in Jamaica.

Available now in all good bookshops, this previously unseen style reference tells the story of the shoes and their presence in Jamaica – from the arrival in the West Indies one hundred years ago, to their transformation as the ‘rude boy’ shoe of choice during the 1960s.

Featuring a host of brilliant photographs, interviews and never-before-seen archival material, Clarks in Jamaica will fit perfectly into any book collection.

Billy Webb

Billy is a fashion journalist and stylist.