Davidoff ‘Paris’ Accessories

Founded in 1980, Davidoff is a Swiss-based family business that manufactures finest-quality timepieces, writing instruments, cufflinks and leather goods. Davidoff bears all the hallmarks of a brand with timeless elegance: quality materials, attention to design, and craftsmanship. Zino Davidoff, the brands founder, instilled his own “positive lifestyle” into the company, a master of the art of living. From Russia and the Boulevard des Philosophes in Geneva to South Africa, adventure played a sizeable part in his learning and philosophy for the Davidoff brand- instilling what the French call savoir-vivre or in English ‘knowledge of life’. This way of existing is translated into the brand via that mix of craftsmanship, dedication, and refinement- a brand which places value on a taste for the finest things, open-mindedness, and the generous sharing of life’s pleasures.


Ape to Gentleman were tasked with running the rule over Davidoff’s 2016/17 ‘Paris’ Accessories collection– with as ever our focus being on style, value and quality. The collection is inspired by Paris, the city of light, one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Paris is represented in the collection by the traditional Clous de Paris pattern, meaning ‘Nails of Paris’ and often referred to in English as the ‘hobnail pattern’- a decorative technique that has been used to enhance metal parts since the 18th century, created either by hand or by engine turning, to produce a finely engraved pattern of intersecting lines. Read on to hear more on the range.

Paris Credit Card Holder


Designed with room for six credit cards and two ‘hidden’ pockets for business cards and such like, the wallet bears a unique geometrical pattern known as Clous de Paris. It’s constructed out of the finest black Italian semi-aniline calfskin leather, subtly embossed with the Davidoff logo. We like the mix of smart yet casual, something difficult to achieve in a matt lacquer black wallet and must also mention the quality of the wallet is superb- soft yet well built thanks to advanced lacquering techniques and unique water-based glue, it’s a quality piece.

Paris Ballpoint Pen


Plated in rose gold and finished in the Clous de Paris pattern with Davidoff logo engraved on the top and etched around the ring alongside a useful clip the Paris Ballpoint Pen possesses a fast mechanism, and is an absolute eye-catcher. It’s not the weightiest of pens I’ve ever held but it’s not light, it’s a good middle ground- something I like. It’s a very useable, everyday pen made with smooth components, such as the nose of the ballpoint pen, and comfy but not too elaborate, where you might save it only for signing important documents or similar.


The third and final item(s) in our review are the rose gold Paris Cufflinks. Perfect for those looking to add an understated yet eye-catching accent of style to their suit or dinner jacket. Designed with a sturdy, and easy to pass through any buttonhole whale back closure, which, like one side of each cufflink, is engraved with the Davidoff logo. These too are finished in the Clou de Paris pattern which delivers a diamond-like element to accentuate the reflections of light.



Davidoff’s Paris accessories collection in the Clous de Paris pattern can best be summarised as a unity of past glories with state-of-the-art design- ideal for the younger gentlemen but equally so the established professionals who demand only the finest personal accessories.


We partnered with Zino Davidoff to write this article but every word is ours.