Dorco Pace6+ Razor

“You may not have heard of them yet” – claims the Dorco press release. We have, being in the industry but you certainly may not have. Dorco is in fact present in men’s bathrooms across 130 countries and the company has been producing shaving technology for over 60 years- founded during 1955 in South Korea.

Arriving in the UK this year, Dorco recently announced the world’s first six blade razor, the Dorco Pace6+. Featuring an ergonomically designed non-slip handle with an Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Lavender Oil infused moisturising strip, trimmer blade for shaping stubble or sideburns it, alongside the six blades ticks all of the boxes for a new razor super-power.


  • Six-blade system razor
  • Wide guard bar to prep hair
  • Trimmer blade
  • Pivoting head for flexibility
  • Dermatologically tested moisturising strip with Vitamin E
  • Non-slip rubber handle
  • Seamless construction with angled blades
  • Open blade architecture for ultimate “rinse-ability”
  • Includes two 6-blade replacement cartridges
  • Sleek grey and lime green design

Of course, all of the above means nothing if it doesn’t shave well- so we got one in to Ape HQ to test. Firstly, the handle to buy (with two blades) is £7 versus the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Flexball at £12. And the blades £1.70 per blade versus Gillette’s £3.32 per blade. A significant saving if you use a blade a week (£84.24 a year).

I shaved with the excellent Malin+Goetz Vitamin E Shaving Cream and the Dorco Pace6+ razor and have to report the shave was superb. There was minimal tug and pull, easy handling, the razor glide was slick and notably- the blades cut through my thick beard stubble with ease. I’m normally not sold on the more is best blade marketing but the closeness of the blades almost negated any danger of tug and pull. The trimmer was adept at and well positioned for taking off awkwardly located hair such as beneath the nose.

All in all, a successful, irritation free shave and at an affordable price point. Welcome to the UK, Dorco.

Available from now.