Dove Men+Care

Over the last few weeks we have been putting the new Dove Men+Care range to the test. This new, hydration focused range is particularly relevant during the summer months when it’s important to look after your skin, as skin dryness and irritation are exacerbated on hot, dry days. Sun is also the primary cause of premature skin ageing – to it’s important to factor up with a sunscreen or for daily use an SPF moisturiser. Most men suffer with dryness and irritation after shaving; a dehydrated neck, irritated and crying out for moisture are commonplace. Dove Men+Care has been developed to address this, with their flagship offering being the Hydrate+ range.

The two stand out products in the range are; the Hydrate+ Pro-Moisture Shave Cream (£2.99) which is superior to Gels and Foams because these come
in aerosols which cannot hold the same high level of moisturising agents as creams. A cream therefore delivers better moisturisation, benefiting your face before, during and after the actual shaving process and offering a much better shave experience. The increased hydration offered by a shaving cream leads to stronger skin and significantly reduces the risk of irritation whilst shaving. Secondly; the Ultra Hydrating Cream (£8.99) which contains high levels of humectant – molecules contained within the formulation to remoisturise the skin. By remoisturising the skin it helps repair the skin barrier function. This product has been clinically proven to hydrate the skin for 24 hours and has been specifically designed to help dryness-prone skin.

The range expands into a Hydrate+ Face Wash, Hydrate+ Moisturiser (£8.99) and beyond this, two separate ranges; the Sensitive+ and Deep Clean+, both of which are self-explanatory. In an effort to make summer grooming more fruitful, we spoke to Dove Men+Care Technical Expert, Katherine Frizoni for some top tips:

Summer Skincare Routine

  • Wash – remove dirt and grease from the skin to keep pores unblocked so skin can breathe. Do this by washing your face daily, and to save time, keep your Sensitive+ Face Wash in the shower and use as part of your regular morning routine.
  • Exfoliate – once a week use the Dove Men+Care Deep Clean+ Scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells. Make sure to splash skin with cool water to help close pores afterwards.
  • Moisturise – once skin is dry apply a Dove Men+Care moisturiser to keep skin hydrated and lock in moisture for the rest of the day.

Summer Shaving Routine

  • Clean – wash your face with warm water before shaving for best results as this opens the pores and softens skin and hairs without drying out.
  • Shave Cream – apply Dove Men+Care Shave Cream to further soften hairs and help prevent irritation for a close comfortable shave. Make sure you use a cream rather than a gel or foam, as creams contain more moisturising agents and provide a superior shave experience, reducing irritation to the skin as much as possible.
  • Rinse – after shaving, rinse off with cool water – this will close the skin pores.
  • Post Shave Balm – use Dove Men+Care Sensitive+ Post Shave Balm to round-off a good shave. Shaving every day or every other day exerts additional stress on the face, but if you use the right aftershave care to smooth, soothe and protect, this can be counterbalanced.