This New Grooming Subscription Will Revolutionise Your Skin & Morning Routine

Male grooming. It was only a few decades ago that those two words meant nothing more than a perilous shave with a cut-throat razor and applying a hearty dollop of Brylcreem to a short-back-and-sides haircut. Fast forward to today and the men’s cosmetics industry is worth millions and not a day passes by without some new lotion, potion or ointment promising to make us look younger, healthier, less bald or all of the above.

Somewhere along the line things got carried away. Marketing gimmicks and scientific advancements have given modern men so much choice but left them yearning for a product that just… works. Something that fits in around their lives rather than the other way around, providing everything they need to stay preened to perfection and nothing they don’t.

That’s where Fabric comes in.

What’s Fabric?

This may be the first time you’ve heard of them, but it certainly won’t be the last. Put simply, Fabric is a new subscription-based men’s wellness brand that has one key mission: to revolutionise your daily grooming regimen.

Fed up with traditional grooming brands’ tendency to over inflate prices, pack products with chemicals and cause confusion for consumers, founder Assaf Sahar decided it was time for a minimalist, no-nonsense option that offered simplicity and high-quality ingredients at prices that won’t break the bank ($32 for a two-month supply of face wash and moisturiser).

His vision became a reality when Fabric was born, providing a fuss-free alternative to the chaos and confusion of modern-day male grooming products.

There’s no funny business, no empty promises, no far-flung “miracle fixes’”; just simple, honest products with top-notch ingredients that do exactly what they’re supposed to – and do it really, really well. All you have to do is sign up and Fabric will deliver them directly to your door, and again every two months ensuring you never run out.

Skincare, Simplified

At the core of Fabric’s skincare arsenal are two key products: the Honesty Face Wash and the Integrity Moisturiser. Together they form a powerful duo that cleanses, soothes, hydrates and replenishes tired, dry skin, leaving it healthy, refreshed and nourished.

Naturally scented with Fabric’s signature blend of pine, sage, sandalwood, frankincense, juniper, cardamom and patchouli essential oils, these two skincare staples are flanked by a body wash, deodorant, after shave balm and shaving cream – all of which are vegan, PETA-approved, friendly to all skin types and free from nasty chemicals.

Products When You Need Them

Keeping your skin in top condition requires a well-considered daily grooming routine, which means it’s no good running out of products. This is why Fabric offers a subscription plan that ensures everything you need is right there in front of you every time you open your bathroom cabinet.

To get the ball rolling, you’ll receive The Starter Kit, a neat little package which includes 0.5 fl oz of the Honesty Face Wash and Integrity Moisturiser. It’s all packaged in a recycled cardboard box bearing the brand logo and Fabric’s signature hunter-green colouring. All you have to do is cover the postage.

If you’re happy with the results, the bi-monthly subscription will start two weeks later with two full 1.6 fl oz bottles in a branded canvas bag. The best part? The cleverly designed airless pump bottles mean the people at Fabric HQ can accurately predict exactly when you’ll run out and have timed the whole process to make sure your next bundle arrives exactly when you need it. You can also modify, pause or cancel your plan whenever you like.

A Better Morning Ritual

Fabric’s refreshing approach takes the guesswork out of grooming. Products that work – the only ones you need – delivered directly to your door exactly when you need them. It’s what every grooming routine should be: better products, higher value, and simple rituals.

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Paddy Maddison

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