Today Ape to Gentleman bring you news from brothers Daniel and Jon Feldman they present the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection of Feltraiger,Pompous Circumstance. Feltraiger, the original surname of the designers’ Russian ancestors was changed to Feldman as they migrated through Ellis Island in the early 1900’s. Traces of this experience are evidenced in every detail from the logo depicting Lady Liberty’s torch to the “classic cool” American style of the collection.


Originally founded by Daniel Feldman, a former musician and Parsons graduate, who made his rounds at What Goes Around Comes Around, Unis, and Mishka NYC, Feldman was recently joined by his brother Jon Feldman, who brings a background of interior design and photography, to launch the line.

“Invest in well constructed key pieces instead of the quick and cheap, and you can build a wardrobe that makes it easy to look put together all the time.” – Daniel Feldman

While Feltraiger’s first two collections were originally intended for national and international wholesale, that plan was abandoned in favor of not only preserving the integrity of the brand, but supporting the subculture that inspired it by opening a flagship Feltraiger store in Spring 2012. Every Feltraiger piece is manufactured in America to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship possible.


Inspired by the way high-society spends their leisure time during the Spring & Summer seasons, Pompous Circumstance, will be available for purchase in store, as well as online. The collection calls to mind images of head-to-toe camouflage and fitted hunting gear in specifically styled, yet low maintenance look.