G. H. MUMM Brut Rosé

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many of us will no doubt be starting to consider the best way of displaying our affections to our significant other. Top of the list for the majority will be a surprise bottle of champagne, delivered in a suitable environment on the day. A bedroom, hot air balloon, log cabin or Jacuzzi perhaps? The choices are limitless.

This year though, why not opt for something a little different to accompany the moment. We suggest a bottle of G. H. Mumm Brut Rosé, a subtle alternative to champagne that will suit the occasion perfectly. With a lively flavour that suggests fruits of the forest, this pale pink libation is composed of 77crus, including a delicate blend of red wines selected by the Cellar Master from villages around France.

With it’s creation dating back to the 1860s, the selection of a bottle is sure to demonstrate your abilities as both a romantic and as a gentleman of distinguished choice in one fell swoop.

To compliment the Rosé, we suggest serving with a breakfast of Eggs Arlington, where you will find its appearance and taste the ideal partner.

To make sure you serve this delicious cuvee like a true gentleman of champagne check out the Champagne Protocoles de G.H.Mumm App.