Today’s fashion focus takes a look at the next breed of gentlemen – the gentlemen of tomorrow if you will. As always with the youth denim culture is strong, and much more affordable than it has ever been. This season sees denim take a return to it’s heritage as work wear; the denim is more sombre than it is exhuberant, less flash and more fuctional.

To introduce this ‘new’ hue of denim, Topman has collaborated with up-and-coming young film Director, Laurence Ellis to create three short films which form the heart of an online campaign to showcase Topman’s denim range which launched this month online at



‘The reason for creating three individual films was very much defined by the core brief – to represent Topman’s denim range. Jeans are something very real and transcend passing trends. They are a part of each person and are worn very differently. The characters that we created and the journeys they take are each very individual and reflect their stylistic identity. The end of the film focuses on the group but from each main character’s very individual perspective.’

-Laurence Ellis, Director