The Gigi

The Gigi is one of the most exciting tailoring brands to come out of Italy for quite some time. However the people behind The Gigi certainly aren’t newcomers to the menswear industry. The Gigi was founded by the Boglioli brothers, who after selling their remaining shares in the Boglioli brand name, decided to try something new in a stereotypically slow moving industry, by experimenting with a progressive stance on tailoring.

The Boglioli brothers do not want to shy away from their past however, proud of what was created at Boglioli, but as they say in their own words, “times are running and we want to be an active part of the future.”  The motto of The Gigi signifies this, ‘Don’t look back’ which features on all of their garments.

With this their new collection does not disappoint. The fabrics are unique to the label, and surely soon the innovative fabrics will become synonymous with the brand. Above are a few of our favourite pieces of the current collection featuring, a beautiful coat crafted in a baby Alpaca cloth and an unstructured suit in a bold Charcoal donegal wool.

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Matthew Coles

Matthew is a style connoisseur with a love for classic Italian tailoring. As well as writing Fashion & Style for Ape, he also works for mens brand Drake's.