Green & Black’s Velvet Edition: A Smoother, Less Bitter Dark Chocolate

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Many of you will already be acquainted with sophisticated chocolate brand Green & Black’s. Founded in 1991 they paved the way for indulgent, rich and truly delicious chocolate – readily accessible to all. The brand crafted the UK’s first 70% chocolate bar – a high quality, dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids.

What is perhaps lesser known is that the brand’s name stands for its founding principles: Green, which symbolises the commitment to ethically sourced cocoa and Black, which represents their commitment to high-quality ingredients and truly delicious chocolate.

Does Dark Mean Bitter?

Traditionally dark chocolate is rather bitter tasting, however, with the right cocoa beans and taste profiles, bitter dark chocolate is a thing of the past. Enter Green & Black’s Velvet Edition: a dark, 70% chocolate that is rich in cocoa content yet exceptionally smooth on the palate. Take our word for it – we have recently consumed the entire range.

Complex, Strong Flavours With A Smoother Mouthfeel

Velvet Edition has been crafted especially for those apprehensive of the more complex, strong flavours traditionally found in dark chocolate. The Velvet Edition collection remains a dark 70% chocolate – so you reap all the associated health benefits – but boasts a smoother, sweeter taste, while still providing a good depth of cocoa.


By gently roasting ethically sourced Ghanaian cocoa beans of the finest quality, and carefully balancing said beans with sweet Madagascan vanilla, Velvet Edition delivers on flavour and taste. Incredibly, the dark chocolate is made with only four ingredients – and better still, there are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. This is an indulgent treat that you will not feel guilty about devouring.

7 Delectable Flavours

  • 70% Cocoa: keep it simple with the rich taste of Velvet Edition chocolate and savour that exceptionally smooth flavour
  • Roasted Almond: Velvet Edition chocolate with the highest-quality Mediterranean almonds, roasted with their skins on for flavour
  • Raspberry & Hazelnut: Velvet Edition chocolate with pieces of raspberry and chopped hazelnuts. The zingy raspberries cut through the chocolate and complement the crunchy texture of roasted hazelnuts
  • Salted Caramel: Velvet Edition chocolate with pieces of crisp Yorkshire caramel infused with flakes of Anglesey Sea Salt
  • Sea Salt: Velvet Edition chocolate with subtle flakes of Anglesey sea salt – a delicious contrast to the sweeter chocolate notes
  • Orange & Almond: Velvet Edition chocolate with Sicilian blood orange oil and delicious chopped almonds
  • Mint: Velvet Edition chocolate with Indian peppermint oil, delivering a refreshing burst of flavour



As you might have guessed, we are sold on the Velvet Edition collection. It has to be the best entry-level dark chocolate range on the market, thanks to its gentler-on-the-palate taste profile, delicate character and soft texture. It is perfect for those apprehensive dark chocolate aspirants, who wish to reap the benefits of consuming dark chocolate over milk – and we cannot recommend it highly enough. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Velvet Edition bars are available in all major supermarkets at an RRP of £2.00.

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