Gym Bag Essentials

The contents of a man’s gym bag takes time, thought and experimentation. No one wants to rely on the non lathering unknown sticky substance from the gym shower dispensers. You’re there to train and workout therefore quite understandably nobody cares what they look like. Post workout however even if you leave the gym with abs like a washboard, odds are that your appearance could still use some cleaning up. We’ve put together a list of essential post-workout grooming products to keep you looking good, no matter how tired you feel.

4-in-1 Sports Wash by Molton Brown

Refreshing and deodorising Cassia bark, nutmeg and lime is the ultimate cleansing solution for any sportsman. Ultra-shine complex ensures your hair is left in optimal condition, skin conditioners leave you face and body clean and soft while Guar gum softens stubble for a closer shave.

Eucalyptus Deodorant by Malin+Goetz

Formulated with odour-neutralising Citronellal Methylcrotonate, and 0.25% Eucalyptus Extract- this deodorant is known for its antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It’s a natural and effective deodorant stick, alcohol and aluminium-free, ideal for all skin types including sensitive.

Tea Tree s.o.s Spray by Elemis

Tea Tree Oil is well know to be a highly effective, natural antiseptic, with powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.Sprayed on to the feet and into your trainers it’s purifying and deodorising properties will ensure odours are eliminated and infections such as athletes foot are kept at bay.

Hand and Body Moisturiser by Baxter of California

Although you may have been sweating hard for the past 2 hours and your skin feels very moist, it does not mean it is hydrated. Sweating actually dehydrates the skin, this all over moisturiser is ultra-hydrating and better yet lightweight and non greasy. Leaving the skin feeling smooth and refreshed not sticky and oily.

Dri-Fit Lightweight hi-lo Training Socks by Nike

Fresh socks should always be apart of your gym kit, even if for no other reason than to avoid smelly feet. Fresh socks also discourage developing athletes foot. These fitted and cushioned socks are great to have on hand, moisturiser doesn’t rub off into them and they are very gentle on sore feet.

HardCase Duffel Bag by Nike

Keep everything together in this stylish Nike gym bag. Big enough to fit everything in that you need yet small enough to fit into a locker.