Personalised Style: 3 Custom Clothing Pieces Every Man Should Own

The trouble with many high-street brands is that you’re typically at the mercy of what their designers favour each season. This is great if you’re on board with a particular brand’s design ethos, but what if you want to inject some of your own flavour into a look?

There might be a shirt or jacket you like, but it’s not available in a certain fabric, or perhaps you just want to personalise a garment with contrast stitching or a hidden monogram? That’s where Hockerty comes in. The US brand offers innumerable custom choices on every one of its garments, from its classic work shirts through to suits, jackets and chinos.

An online-only business, Hockerty offers customisable clothing at incredibly fair prices. Want a lightweight double-breasted blazer in a breathable wool, but with notch lapels rather than the usual peak? You can quickly and easily spec your perfect garment in minutes on its website, before inputting your body measurements to ensure it fits you perfectly.

The brand has over 13 years of experience with its algorithm, which has been specifically built to generate accurate results with minimal user input. Simply create your own body measurement profile, enter your age, weight and height and you’re good to go.

The best bit about Hockerty is the customisation though. There are hundreds of fabric choices alone. Take the brand’s classic two-button blazer. It can be cut from everything from cobalt blue nailhead wool to heavyweight grey herringbone tweed, and technical summer weight melange through to anti-pilling stretch needlecord.

Once you’ve decided on a fabric, you can change details including lapel type and width, pocket styles, single or double vents, linings and even the number of buttons on the cuffs.

With Hockerty, it’s possible to curate an entire custom wardrobe, with chinos, shirts, field jackets and overcoats all available for personalisation. With so much to choose from, we’ve whittled down our top three picks, so you don’t have to. Looking for a wardrobe overhaul with a personal touch? Start right here.

3 Custom Pieces Every Man Should Own

The Suit

When it comes to a Hockerty suit, there is no end to the tweaks and changes you can make. You can opt for a double-breasted jacket with wide peak lapels alongside trousers with double pleats and cuffs. Or you can keep it minimal with a one-button single-breasted jacket with slim notch lapels and flat-fronted trousers, all in a range of both heavy and lightweight fabrics.

The dozens of fabric options include rolls from some of the world’s most prestigious mills. There’s a navy pure wool twill from Vitale Barberis Canonico; a black 120s wool from Loro Piana; and a mid-blue melange from Guabello. For the ultimate in everyday luxury, we’d recommend seeking out these fabrics and combining them with a timeless two-button jacket and single-pleated trousers.

The Shirt

It’s a similar story with the shirts. You can choose from a wide range of base shirts, from twin-pocket, utilitarian styles to formal evening shirts that would work well with a tuxedo. Whatever you need, Hockerty has you covered.

To start, we’d opt for the brand’s light blue herringbone dress shirt as a base. You can personalise it with your own choice of collar, cuff style and sleeve length, and even choose whether you want a chest pocket or not. Keep it simple with a button-down collar and one-button cuffs and you’ve got the perfect daily office shirt.

The Chinos

A new addition to the Hockerty wardrobe, chinos are the ideal middle ground if you want to look smart but not stuffy. The brand offers a wide range of different options, from every day, flat-fronted, tapered pairs to a mid-century-inspired pleated, relaxed fit.

There are several fabric colours to pick from, including khaki and sand as well as dark blue and even pink. Again, pare things back and opt for flat-fronted, tapered chinos cut from khaki cotton and you’ll find yourself wearing them day in, day out.

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Charlie Thomas

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